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Custom Furniture Designer

I have had a passion for creating unique and personalized spaces my entire life. From building a climbing wall inside a downtown loft, to creating a rooftop pool table, I see the potential to transform any environment into a beautiful & inspired space.


I believe that your home is not just where you live, it's where you restore and recharge. Your home should extend beyond comfort - it should capture your personality, fit your unique needs and inspire you. With one of a kind custom furniture I help bring that to life.

My work is designed especially for you and every detail is carefully crafted in Toronto. Custom woodworking is my specialty, and I work with a team of amazingly talented metal fabricators, custom finishers and upholsterers to make your vision a reality.

Whether it's custom sized dining table to accommodate your large family... a unique cabinet to welcome your guests at the door... a boardroom table built to impress... banquet seating for your restaurant or cafe... No matter the project, Deschamps Custom Furniture is ready to exceed your expectations. 

I would love to schedule a design consultation and create something one of a kind for your home or business. Looking forward to working with you!

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